Online filing at the Dutch Intellectual Property Office


The Dutch Intellectual Property Office (hereafter NL IPO) offers  online services that allow you to create and to file patents electronically, as well as to create and send other patent-related documents electronically to the NL IPO.

The online services offered by the NL IPO use a software package developed by the European Patent Office (hereafter EPO) called « electronic On Line Filing » (eOLF) via a Dutch server as well as the smart cards issued by the EPO in order to ensure the security of online filing.

In this context the NL IPO proposes the following three online filing services:

  • the filing of a Dutch patent application;
  • the filing of documents produced after the filing of a Dutch patent application or after the grant of a Dutch patent;
  • the filing of documents relating to the validation of a European patent in The Netherlands;
  • the filling of a PCT application;
  • the filling of documents produced after the filing of the PCT application.


How to access the online filing services offered by the NL IPO?


To access the NL IPO online filing services, please follow the following procedure:

  • first of all, you must obtain your smart card from the EPO;
  • the EPO will check your smart card application and, if you request is accepted, you will receive a package containing the startup software, a smart card and a card reader;
  • you will receive the PIN code of your smart card separately by secure postal mail. (For more information about the EPO online services, please visit the EPO website);
  • if necessary, if you are a patent attorney, you have to register in the NL IPO database or identify yourself (you must have a representative number with the NL IPO). You can obtain a representative number or identify yourself calling the Helpdesk.
  • after you have obtained your EPO smart card, registered it with the NL IPO and, if necessary, have been registered as a representative with the NL IPO, you will be able to use the NL IPO online filing services;
  • as a first step, it is advisable to try out the application in demo mode for each of the three filing services, submitting the required data and documents and following the indicated procedure;
  • afterwards, you compile your filing applications in production mode and submit the documents after having signed digitally using the EPO smart card registered at the NL IPO.

If the filing has been received successfully, an acknowledgement of receipt with the following information will be sent to you:

  • the name of the organization;
  • the date and time of receipt of the document;
  • a list of the documents submitted ;
  • a message called Digest (a unique character string created by the encryption of the message using the issuer certificate) ;
  • a reference number;
  • a provisional application number.
  • if you do not receive an acknowledgment of receipt, please call the NL IPO helpdesk. 


Software installation


Software download 


Formats of documents


  • Documents must be in PDF format (Portable Document Format);
  • For lists of DNA sequences, the format can be ST25 (.app ; .seq ; .txt ; .zip).


Parameters of the workstation


  • A Pentium 4 PC 1.8 Ghz or higher; 512 MB ​​RAM or more; 300 MB of free hard disk space or more;
  • A WIN 98 operating system (2nd) or newer;
  • An updated antivirus;
  • An internet connection (broadband if possible);
  • An internet browser (IE 6.0 or more, …);
  • The customized text size (PPP) should, preferably, be 100%;
  • The Javascript of the displayer (Browser) is activated;
  • The minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 768,...;
  • An active smart card reader.

The criteria for computer's random access memory (RAM) depend on the size of the applications to be filed, the power of the processor and the operating system.


List of existing items before creating the filing (check list)


  • Active Internet with an email address;
  • A smart card registered in the database of the BE IPO;
  • All documents in PDF format, possibly ST25 for DNA sequences;
  • Data of the persons, holders, representatives, inventors, …;
  • From case to case: specific exception data (exposition, biological materials, …).



Illegible or incomplete documents


If the documents filed electronically are illegible or incomplete (for example, because of a virus), the Office will consider the filing as not received.


Filing date


The date of receipt of a patent application filed electronically is considered as the filing date of the provisional patent application. 


Do you still have questions?


  • If you have problems installing or using the software or if you have questions about the NL IPO online services, you can contact us by phone at +31 88 602 6660.
  • Further information on the "EPO Online Services" is available on the website of the EPO.

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